4-Week Transformations & Testimonials

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“When I first started Hannah’s program, I generally ate healthy throughout the week and drank my water. I also worked out regularly with weights and cardio. The weekends were my downfall. I would eat good all week, and then eat like crap over the weekends. I also had a problem with craving sweets after meals/randomly. I decided to take the leap and try Hannah’s meals. After ONE month of her program I can honestly say I don’t crave sweets!! Her meals have so much nutrients/flavor that I don’t crave any food at all. I also feel more confident, stronger, and I have so much more energy. I stay full throughout the day and I cannot wait for my next meal! I’m so thankful I decided to take the leap and let Hannah help me take control of my eating!! ”


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1.3% BF


“Since I have started Hannah’s program, I’ve have never been more motivated and excited to really focus on my inner health and become a better version of myself! I see progress in my mood, energy, and overall happiness with everyday that I do this program! For me, it’s not a program, it’s become a lifestyle change and I am so blessed for this opportunity! I am on month two week two right now (4/30/19) and I am down 10 lbs and several inches all over my body! This is the most progress I have ever seen in my life because of her meal plans, her hard work— making everyone feel like she is individually coaching them, she definitely keeps me motivated and helps me stay on track, she CARES! That’s one of the biggest, most important things to me. She checks in! She wants you to do well! The meals are amazing and good quality while very easy to make, her workout program WILL be amazing, and I don’t think I will ever stop this program! You HAVE to get behind this girl! She does amazing things!” -ALEXIS N.


“Hannah’s MPR program is so helpful! I’ve never been athletic, or fit. Always been smaller until my metabolism caught up with me and then I didn’t know how to eat right or what to do. She makes customized workouts for me and personally shows me how to do everything properly. My workouts are also perfectly intense for me, she pushes me just enough to up my weights and be faster but not over the edge. She has positive, motivating energy and she is so nice every time we talk. She works great around my schedule (I’m very busy) and texts me back almost immediately at almost anytime of the day (I have a lot of questions). She changes things up, both the food and workouts so you don’t feel like you’re doing the same thing every week, or if you dislike something she’ll change it. She tells me the measurements of what I need to be eating (didn’t even know I needed that). She sends out links of her favorite tupperware, food, supplements, protein and kitchen appliances.... which are all inexpensive. And so is her program, I’m saving so much money on groceries now. Once a week she sends out my measurements, meals, grocery list you can copy and paste to your Click-list at Kroger and full detailed recipes with pictures. She basically dose everything expect cook your food. The meals are easy to make and so tasty. I’ve also learned a lot from Hannah, she is very knowledgeable and is constantly sharing information with me to help better the way I treat my body and giving her recipes to this young adult that only knows how to make a handful of dishes is exciting. I’ve been doing this program for a month however I’ve already lost 2 1/2 inches from my waist. I’m seeing progress, I’m feeling healthier and more energetic. I would definitely recommend Hannah to anyone.”

-Sarah c.


“Being on Hannah’s meal plans have been able to guide me in my weight loss journey. I am actually full and enjoy eating the meals she has picked out for me. The meals have kept me on track and really keep me from cheating and buying unnecessary unhealthy options! Hannah is a great supportive coach along your journey and also does monthly group workouts. If you’re looking to get healthy Hannah’s meal plans are the way to go!”